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DogeGuard is a modified ERC20 token running on the BNB Chain network created specifically for the DogeGuard ecosystem. Using our token, you will get the opportunity to participate in the DogeGuard ecosystem, earn or win using our smart contracts and determine the DogeGuard development strategy or charity programs by voting as a token holder.

Earn with DogeGuard

Look at these smart contracts that will allow you to earn in crypto

Main Staking Contract

This smart contract receives 6% of each DogeGuard transaction and distributes these funds among all participants 3% in DogeGuard and 3% in DogeCoin.
You can collect or reinvest rewards whenever YOU want.

APR: Variable

Withdrawal: At any time

Reward Withdrawal: At any time

System of Agreement

Fix your profitability in BNB with the help of the DogeGuard/BNB liquidity pool up to 149.65% APR.
Also, during the agreement, you will receive an additional LP APR reward from the DogeGuard trade turnover.

APR: Fixed + LP APR

At the end of the locking period

Reward Withdrawal:
When closing the agreement

LP Farm

Invest your DogeGuard tokens in the DogeGuard/BNB liquidity pool and get rewarded for staking your LP Tokens every block of the blockchain on our farm.
And you will also receive a reward from the DogeGuard trade turnover.

APR: Variable + LP APR

Withdrawal: At any time

Reward Withdrawal: At any time

We recommend that you diversify your investments into several of our smart contracts at once.
Thus, you will be able to get a stable APR in any situation.

You can earn money without any investments by becoming our partner and receiving 3% of each purchase from your IDO link and not only that.

Invite your friends to DogeGuard and earn money together!

Where is it better to buy DogeGuard?

Our token can be bought both on PancakeSwap and on our IDO at the same time.
The difference is that when buying on IDO, you will not pay a transaction fee in our token equal to 9%, and when buying on PancakeSwap, this commission will be.

Our IDO is smart, and if the price on PancakeSwap is higher than on IDO, then IDO will sell tokens, reducing the price, or if the price is lower on PancakeSwap, then IDO will buy.
Thus, our IDO independently equates the price of PancakeSwap to the price level of IDO.

We have created an indicator for you that allows you to understand where it is more profitable to buy tokens now.

If the price on PancakeSwap is 10% lower than the price of IDO, you should buy a token on PancakeSwap, thereby supporting our project.
Otherwise, buy our token on our IDO, this will increase the liquidity of our project, and the IDO smart contract itself will gradually raise the price.

Buy on

DogeGuard IDO

IDO protects users who want to participate in the development of the project. Using our IDO smart contract, the BNB received is automatically instantly sent to the liquidity pool, and DogeGuard tokens are sent to our user. Thereby ensuring the security of the transaction and guaranteeing the inflow of liquidity into our project.
 In addition, 50% of all LP tokens received by our smart contract IDO will be automatically burned, thereby locking liquidity in our project forever!

If you are new to the crypto world, we have created a tutorial for you on how to start in the world of decentralized finance. How to install a Web3 provider? How to buy cryptocurrency? How to connect to BNB Chain? How to buy DOGEGUARD?
You can find the answers to these questions here


We have provided the general statistics of the DogeGuard token for the convenience of your analytics (data requested via Web3)

You can also request information via our telegram bot

💰Total Liquidity:
~ ...% LP burn🔥
🔥Total Burn:
... DogeGuard
~ ...%
IDO Rate:
0.000000004 BNB
~ ...$
DEX Rate:
... BNB
~ ...$


Our project has a complex developed economy, we have tried to describe it in detail below.



Burns 🔥

Tokens are sent during the transaction to the dEaD address

Burning tokens causes deflation, which increases the rate of our token in the long term.


 Management 🏦

1% for the development of the project

0.6% proportionally 1 : 1 with BNB to the liquidity pool

0.4% for charity

These funds are sent to the management's smart contract, after which they are distributed according to the percentages.
We have taken out this functionality separately from the token in order for token holders to make transactions with a lower cost of commissions.


Main staking 💰

3% DogeCoin

3% DogeGuard

These funds are distributed among all participants of the Main Staking Contract

Initial Total Supply:

1 000 000 000 000 DogeGuard

BuyBack&Burn Politics

DogeGuard will constantly make a DogeGuard token BuyBack with DEX throughout the entire time in order to increase our reserves and stimulate the market.
Also, we have created a targeted profit-sharing strategy among all DogeGuard holders. We have created a BuyBack smart contract that will automatically redeem DogeGuard tokens from the exchange and burn them (by sending them to the dEaD address), thereby distributing the profit among all holders due to the growth of the token rate.

For example, every time someone buys an NFT or creates an IDO on our IDO Launcher, part of the funds is sent to a smart contract for a BuyBack and follow burning.

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