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What is DogeGuard?

DogeGuard is a DeFi Decentralized Application that allows you to speed up the development of your dApps and smart contracts.
It is also an advanced ecosystem of various projects, thanks to which you will be able to fully plunge into the world of decentralized finance.
And we will also develop charity programs to help homeless animals. Our project is fully open and regulated by our community.


The native token of the DogeGuard ecosystem.

Our token is the basis for our ecosystem and the opportunity to earn crypto using our smart contracts. You can find out more info and statistics on our token page.
DogeGuard will give the right to vote as a token holder for the choice of a development strategy and the choice of charitable programs.

DogeGuard IDO

Our token is at the stage of collecting initial liquidity on IDO, which was created using our IDO launcher.  You have the opportunity to buy our token without internal commission using our IDO.
Our IDO is based on our unique algorithms, so our token is also traded on PancakeSwap. You can find out where it is more profitable to buy our token now using our indicator on our token page.

Earn with DogeGuard

DogeGuard ecosystem projects that will allow you to earn crypto using the DogeGuard token

Main Staking Contract

Flexible APR without locking, withdrawal deposit and reward is available at any time.
The income is distributed from the internal commission of the DogeGuard token.
Start receiving stable rewards in DogeGuard and DogeCoin today.

Pending Rewards:
~ ...$
DogeGuard & DOGE

System of Agreement

Fix your yield in BNB up to 149.65% fixed APR with the help of the DOGEGUARD/BNB liquidity pool. And also get an additional LP APR reward before closing the agreement from each transaction on DEX.
Lock DogeGuard for up to a year and get a fixed reward + LP APR.

Pending Rewards:
~ ...$

LP Farm

Get rewarded every block of the blockchain for staking LP tokens of the DOGEGUARD/BNB pair.
Flexible APR, deposit withdrawal and reward are available at any time.

Pending Rewards:
~ ...$

You can also earn crypto without investments by inviting your friends to our project, read more here

DogeGuard projects

All projects of the DogeGuard ecosystem

Released projects and in β and α testing:

Projects we are still working on:

About Charity

DogeGuard is a project that combines the new world of decentralized finance and the real world. Our project was created not only to create new unique decentralized applications, but also to provide assistance to homeless animals.

According to our tokenomics, 0.4% of any DogeGuard token transaction will be sent to charity, and we also have our own charity NFT marketplace where you can purchase NFT to support our charitable goals. DogeGuard will send part of the profits received from ecosystem projects to our charity programs.

Also, our community will be able to take an active part in the selection and development of charitable programs and vote as token holders.

Our charity wallet - 0x4af...Cba35E

We notify about all expenses from this wallet in our special telegram channel dedicated to charity.

DogeGuard Team

Our project is fully open and perhaps you can become part of our decentralized application as we will constantly grow and expand our staff

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