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Partner Program

Earn together with DogeGuard without any investments by inviting your friends to our project.

Invite your friends and get a stable income in crypto together!

Create your own unique link, by clicking on which your friends will have to buy our token, after their purchase, a percentage of the purchase will be sent to you instantly through the smart counter function.

Please note, you will not be able to get a reward if you buy using your own link.

We have created a unique page for your friends

Replace this address with your own, we showed an example above
This is our charity address, you can buy our token from this link, 3% will go to charity : )

And also, you can read the information on how to create a standard referral link or referral integration for your site

Also, we have our own platform for creating IDO

Our IDO has its own unique system, and the IDO of our DogeGuard token was also created using our IDO launcher

If your friend creates an IDO using your link, you will receive 15% of the creation cost, and your friend will receive a 5% discount!

In the future, we will add to the list of options for cooperation.

Join the decentralized DogeGuard ecosystem.

For more information or for any questions, please contact the contacts below


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