IDO Integration

Here you can get a link to your IDO (also referral) and a code for integration into the site

Fill in the data below and you will be provided with an <div></div> HTML element that you will need to install on your site (we remind you that this is not necessary and you can use a link to our site for your IDO).
The integration dimensions are 800px, the position is central. We recommend using it in the center of the page.

Enter the ID IDO or smart contract address
If not specified, by default IDO = 0 (this is IDO DogeGuard)
Enter the referral address
If not specified, the default address is zero (the owner of the IDO)

Please carefully check the received link and your integration.

You can also get the current referral address using this HTML code

    <div class="center__Disclamer">
<div id="referral__address" style="font-size: 24px; text-align: center;">...</div>

Example of IDO integration

This IDO was created using DogeGuard IDO Launcher. Anyone can create their own IDO using ourplatform.
Please carefully check the project and its smart contracts.


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