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How to get started?

In this article, we described how to get started with decentralized finance, how to buy cryptocurrency, how to work with DOGEGUARD and how to start earning cryptocurrency using our smart contracts.

1. Install the Web3 provider.

Web3 provider is a special wallet in which you can store cryptocurrency and send transactions to the blockchain. Our project works in the BNB Chain blockchain (BSC/BEP20). You need to install such a provider and create a wallet. Carefully and safely save the secret passphrase. Only you will know this phrase. 
It cannot be restored in any way if it is lost!

We recommend that you use one of these wallets.

If you use a computer, a MetaMask wallet is ideal for you. This is an easy-to-use wallet that is installed as a simple extension for Chrome browser and other browsers.

If you are using a phone, we recommend that you install the TrustWallet app.
This wallet supports BNB Chain and has its own dapp browser through which you can interact with our site.

2. Buy Binance Coin (BNB).

You can buy BNB using various methods. We recommend the following methods to you.

2.1. Cryptocurrency exchanges.
The most reliable option. You need to register your personal account on the exchange, and then replenish your balance. We recommend the exchange 
On this exchange, you can top up your fiat balance using standard bank cards. Or, the most convenient option in our opinion is the use of the Binance p2p platform. From any country in the world, you can find an offer to sell cryptocurrencies. Choose offers from merchants.
Here is the most profitable BNB purchase rate.

2.2. Platforms for quick purchase.
A good choice for buying using a bank card, but not available in all countries.
Here you can buy Binance Coin:
Here the BNB purchase rate is less profitable.

2.3. - here you can find many exchangers where you can buy BNB Coin quickly and without registration. Remember, you need BNB BEP20!
Here the BNB purchase rate is the least profitable.

3. Withdraw BNB to your wallet address.

You need to withdraw BNB to the address that you have in your crypto wallet that you use, in TrustWallet this is the BSC address, if you use MetaMask, the Ethereum network is open in your wallet by default (your address is unique and the same in each blockchain in MetaMask)
Click on the button below to add the BNB Chain network to your MetaMask.

4. Buy DogeGuard with your BNB.

To add our token to the MetaMask, click on this fox 

To add our token to TrustWallet, you need to copy the address of our token, here is our BscScan and follow these instructions

Remember, any transaction on the BNB Chain network requires payment of the network commission, here it is much lower than in Ethereum, but we recommend leaving at least $10 on your balance so that you can always make transactions.
To connect your wallet to our website in TrustWallet, you need to open our website using the dapp browser built into your wallet.
Our token can be bought on PancakeSwap and on IDO. You can find out how to buy our token on PancakeSwap here - docs.pancakeswap
To buy a token on IDO, you need to connect your wallet to our website by clicking on the button, select the desired amount and confirm your transaction in the wallet.
Where is it better to buy a token at the moment, see this link -

5. Start earning crypto using our smart contracts.

We offer you several smart contracts at once, using which you can participate in the distribution of funds within our DogeGuard ecosystem.
You can find a list of our projects on the main page or on the page of our DOGEGUARD token

All our documentation is available here

Was it interesting? Connect your wallet to our website and trigger a transaction to get your first DogeGuard for free

Connect your Web3 wallet to our website and start working without registration and disclosure of personal data.
This is the meaning of decentralized finance!


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