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DogeGuard IDO is a new IDO* in the world of decentralized finance.

*IDO is an initial token offering with automatic token listing on a decentralized exchange. This fundraising is safe for investors, since everything happens on a smart contract, and this smart contract is publicly available. There is no way we can influence IDO and steal liquidity. Also, the received LP tokens will be blocked on this smart contract!

But our IDO differs from all the others in that in our case the project can start instantly, and not delay this process for many months.

In case you are launching a project using our IDO, you need to create a trading pair on DEX and provide it with some liquidity. You can read more about how to do this here.

After that, you need to create an IDO using our IDO launcher, instructions can be found on the IDO launcher page. The price for IDO must be strictly equal to the price for DEX.

Remember, your token must either temporarily disable the commission, or exclude your IDO address from paying the commission!

Further, in the course of IDO, the IDO smart contract will replenish the liquidity pool with BNB received from users (at the moment our IDO works only on BNB), if the price of DEX differs from the price of IDO, the IDO smart contract will equalize the price to the level of the IDO price.

Please note that you, as the owner, cannot influence the IDO, violate it and influence the price.
Our IDO is created completely safe for the user!

Referral program

Our IDO has a referral program. These funds are not paid at the expense of users, and the IDO owner shares part of the funds that he will receive for the development of the project.

Anyone can attract users to your project via affiliate links or integration on the site and receive a percentage of their purchases for this. If the referral is not specified, the owner of the project is recognized as it.

How do become a referral?

In our case, it's easier than ever. Just specify your referral link in the IDO link. For example,

Just replace the addresses with the IDO address and your address where you want to receive a commission from the purchase.
Please note that the buyer and the referral cannot be the same address.

If you have a website and you want to add IDO integration there and get a percentage from it, look at the details on the integration page.

IDO indicators

Owner's percentage 

This is a percentage of the purchase that the IDO owner will receive for the development of the project.
For example, if Owner's percentage = 10%, then when buying tokens for 1 BNB, the project owner will receive 0.1 BNB.

Referral percentage 

This is the percentage of the purchase that the referral will receive.
For example, if Referral percentage = 5%, then when buying tokens for 1 BNB, the referral will receive 0.05 BNB.

LP burn percentage 

Our IDO has a unique system of its kind associated with a liquidity pool. The IDO smart contract invests tokens and BNB in liquidity, for which it receives LP Tokens. This indicator shows which % of the received LP tokens* will be sent to the dEaD address.
Why did we create such a system? When LP tokens are burned, liquidity is blocked forever. In this way, we protect our users, and at the same time, in this way, we can show the intention of the project.
*LP tokens - these are special tokens issued by DEX, these tokens confirm the share in the liquidity pool.

Tokens for IDO 

This indicator shows the number of tokens that will be distributed among IDO participants.
And it also shows what percentage this amount is of the total issue of tokens.

Tokens for LP 

This indicator shows how many tokens will be sent to the liquidity pool.
And it also shows what percentage this amount is of the total issue of tokens.
Why in most cases is this value less than the one that will be distributed among IDO participants?
This is done so that the price of DEX is always equal to the price of IDO. This value will deduct the percentages of the referral and the project owner from the tokens for IDO participants, because BNB amount minus their shares are sent to the liquidity pool.

BNB for LP 

This value shows the total amount of BNB that will be gradually sent to the liquidity pool over the entire IDO period.
And also the approximate value in $ at the real-time exchange rate is shown below.

Total LP tokens 

This value shows how many LP tokens the IDO smart contract has received all the time.
And also the % of this value from the total liquidity pool.

Date unblock LP 

Show the date when the liquidity pool will be unblocked for withdrawal by the project founder. Below shows how much the liquidity pool was blocked.

LP tokens burned🔥

Shows how many LP tokens were burned, which means how much liquidity was blocked forever.


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